The battle of stars, the city of farewell

Title:The battle of stars, the city of farewell

Author:Starry aurora in trance

Description:Xiao CHENFENG, an 18-year-old special training student, killed the examiners in the graduation exam, and mistakenly killed Yuan Zhen, the grandson of yuan TANGJian, the “first master”. After encountering Wen Ling, he learned that yuan TANGJian was under the pressure of punishment and recognized Yuan Zhen as his grandson. Yuan TANGJian took the opportunity to break through the seven seals set by the punishment and handed over the cold forged steel blade and purple diamond to XiaoChen Feng and his unique “twenty-seven” to Xiao Chen Feng. Since then, Xiao’s combat effectiveness has greatly increased, and he soon became the president of the Lingxiao society, a branch of the heaven earth society developed in Antarctica Province, leading the northern expedition. So far, the Lingxiao Empire and the fascist Empire broke out, and the fourth World War began,There is no peace in the world······

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