The back of the red flag

Title:The back of the red flag

Author:Galaxy drunkard

Description:Mo Liang, once a failure on the way to school, was a bad boy. After graduating from high school, he gave up his studies, set foot in the society, and accepted the baptism of social relations. An emotional setback made him sink completely. But the goodness of nature can not be drowned by depravity. An unexpected rescue for an old man opened another window of his lifeThe gate. Through which old man’s enlightenment and introduction, Mo Liang joined the Chinese people’s Liberation Army. From then on, he began his military career and met his most trusted friend. In the annual military drill of the military region, he gave all his Guanghua to his best friend, selected him by the investigation company, and gave him the opportunity to his best friend, and learned from the military academyThe one quota is given to my best friend. The righteousness of friends, the love for brothers and everything moved the man who had been deeply in love with the same man. Finally, my dear friend

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