The Apocalypse after the Apocalypse

Title:The Apocalypse after the Apocalypse

Author:Super centipede

Description:This book is a novel about the end of life and the war of machine armour, which tells a group of ordinary life existence in the last age. With the outbreak of the zombie virus, 7 billion people have become zombies, and animal plants have also mutated. Only a few survive, some of whom have become mutated people because of the side effects of “vaccine”. And then do itDrought, famine, acid rain, animal tide and other strange disasters are coming. This book starts from the biochemical crisis. Human beings are on the verge of extinction. Only some people who are lucky enough to survive Tired of the pessimism of many traditional eschatological novels, he decided to adopt a lighter styleIt describes a different end world, a hard science fiction that seems absurd and funny, but can give a reasonable explanation. At present, we are trying to make a living

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