The age of original energy

Title:The age of original energy

Author:Ink rose

Description:A stone, which can drive huge energy, has become a legend. A city, pregnant with countless legends, has become a stage for heroes to gallop. A teenager, however, becomes the strongest hero, and finally guides the fate of a world. The original energy, the original energy when all matter exists, in the future 3ooTen years later, in the city of compassion, the original energy stone containing huge original energy was mined out. The cutting-edge scientists put forward the concept of using original energy to benefit human beings for the first time. The original energy came into being. They used the original energy to strengthen themselves. In a group of five, they became a team that could do almost everything. The appearance of the original energy will bring about a new eraMankind has entered a new level. And at this time, a disturbing factor agitated, and when our protagonist was born on the day of the match to the legend has a positive

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