The age of girls

Title:The age of girls

Author:Zong Rui

Description:The space is broken, the change strikes, and 95% of the men in the world die instantly. If you are the remaining 5% of the men and face 1OO% of the women who are on the verge of collapse and killing because of hunger, disease, chaos and death, should you be happy or afraid. Here’s a piece of advice. Run as far as you can. beltGet on your toolbox, get on your armored car, survive, escape from the chaotic world of war, monsters and fragmented space, and escape from the era of girls, who are fighting for food, ammunition, machinery, fresh water and men, and fall into the endless hell. “No kidding. Need to be afraid? I don’t like itI don’t think so. From ancient times to the present, there is no problem that can not be solved by an armored vehicle in the world. If there are, there will be two. Black technology changes life, technology house saves the world

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