The adventures of Shambhala

Title:The adventures of Shambhala

Author:Xing Xiaodun

Description:This work is about a group of urban youths from China who are going to find Shambhala for different purposes. The process of searching is actually the formation of an exploration. They came to Nepal and went to the temple of burning corpses, but they didn’t get the medicine made by the blood of the goddess. They got to know each other by chance during the conversation with their fellow guidesTo a mountain in Tibet, there is a cave tunnel leading to Shambhala. After sechong and the Sherpa brothers hit it off, they went to the cave leading to Shambhala. In the process of entering Shambhala from the entrance of the cave and studying and living in Shambhala for one year, some of them lost their friends and some of them were killed by their girlfriendsRobbed of her boyfriend, some sleep forever in Shambhala, but some in Shambhala this simple country has become a vicious face. They come for different purposes, but they are not

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