The adventure of finding the root of the universe

Title:The adventure of finding the root of the universe

Author:Memory inheritance

Description:Under an unexpected natural disaster, Zhao guigen’s ancestor Zhao Yingxiong and his surviving core aircraft carrier formation inexplicably travel through space and time to another alien planet in another galaxy in the vast and infinite universe. By accident, they pretend to be another alien planet with the same nameStarman, the master of aliens, dominates the whole planet, tens of billions of aliens. Until the end of his life, he still couldn’t return to his hometown. He looked up at the bright moon and bowed his head to think of his hometown. In order to fulfill the wishes of his parents, Zhao guigen took the ashes of his parents’ 22001 people and millions of pure blood ancestorsThe descendants of generations have embarked on a journey to find a home in the vast universe. The hot and innovative science fiction of cynicism and cynicism is absolutely the first of its kind at all times and all over the world

Author: miven

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