The 14th floor of hell

Title:The 14th floor of hell

Author:It’s hard to say

Description:It’s an old legend that people who commit suicide will never enter reincarnation, and their souls will fall into hell forever. The fourteenth level of hell – the hell of futile death. Anyone who enters here will never be able to live beyond his life. At this time outside the window of the world where there is half of the world weather, gloomy, fog shrouded, cluck strange sound, intermittent. A blur of the shadow of the hidden suddenlyNow, slowly drifting in one direction, ragged clothes, long hair covered his face, pale face, empty eyes full of silence. Ghost… It was the first thought that flashed into her mind. Ghost heavily wandering back to the distance, her dull mind is already a blank, suddenly many ghosts outside the carA ghost in a red robe and black hair suddenly turned around. Her face was pale, her eyes were sunken, her eyes were black and purple, her eyes were empty, and her eyes were red

Author: miven

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