Tfboys’ Novels

Title:Tfboys’ Novels

Author:Demon sacrifice string

Description:Originally, she was just an ordinary girl who adored Yi Guan Qian Xi. Her biggest dream in life was to see him. An encounter at the airport, let easy close thousand Xi remember the girl. But mother’s telephone, let her life have a gorgeous reversal! Pigeon garden advertising, stay at home and a series of stories in themThere were waves in my life. “Ah Qing, I like you.” “Well, together.” Of course, they have suffered setbacks and tasted bitterness and sweetness. This pure love would have been forever, but fate also has a joke. I’m sorry, a short letter, just want to let this have been buried in the bloodThe love in their lives? It is clear that no one can let go. Why deceive yourself? Can the stage of ten years’ appointment create miracles?

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