Terror net

Title:Terror net

Author:Pure little dragon

Description:When you read this online novel on the Internet, congratulations. You have been selected as the experiencer of the world of “horror online” and entered the world of horror novels. I sincerely hope that You Come back alive! ——————”Terrorist network article” task release group: 161866011, please be private after entering the groupThe secret group owner inquires about the tickets and the plot, exchanges and strengthens them! Each issue of the list of terrorist mission world participants will be announced in the group announcement. The dead will be automatically kicked out of the group, and new people will join. This is the game of death, this is the slaughterhouse of killing, here, you are welcome to come and join, let’s enjoy life togetherThe pleasure of online struggle and the stimulation of intrigue! Don’t trust anyone after entering the group, because they all want you to be the next one to die!

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