Terran training ground

Title:Terran training ground

Author:Demon Fairy

Description:Group number: (5) (1) (5) (5) (3) (6) (0) (3) (5)!! The earth has changed, land, sky, sea are countless large and ferocious prehistoric beasts, this is the age of ancient beasts! Here, countless ancient races wake up one after another, and the weak races are enemies all over the world,The countless blood debts left by Taigu are left to this generation to bear! Lin Yi, an ordinary human being, has a “taboo blood” of the human race. He is cursed by heaven. In order to survive, he has to rise up and fight. He has to kill all kinds of geniuses, ancient arrogance and old monsters all the way. He has killed a share of the dignity of the human race and achieved the highest successOutstanding people! In this era, the Terran, when self-improvement! In this era, the Terran, when indomitable!

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