Tender and pretty devil

Title:Tender and pretty devil

Author:Chang Xiwen

Description:This book tells about a descendant of ancient boxing. He is handsome, affectionate, cruel and cruel. His wisdom is full of evil. His complex and urgent multiple character doomed him to an extraordinary but troubled life. For the sake of his father and son’s affection, he respected his father’s will and resolutely joined the army; for the sake of his mentor’s kindness, he respected his teacher’s willFor the sake of his comrades in arms, he slaughtered the murderer and protected the corpse in the suburbs; for the sake of the country and the people, he abandoned the army as a bandit and unified the river and lake; for the sake of the tenderness of his sons and daughters, he retreated bravely and forgot the river and lake; for the sake of brotherhood, he fought again without regret. In the end, for the sake of national righteousness, he gave up hundreds of millions of money to hide himself in the worldLeaving behind an immortal myth and an Invincible Iron Army

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