Taoist affairs in Miao area

Title:Taoist affairs in Miao area

Author:Nanwu cassock science Buddha

Description:One hundred years ago, today, the world was full of money, the stars were shining, and the wind and clouds were surging; one hundred years later, the world is in a great disaster, and the gods are falling. How many people in the world can live? One hundred years ago, Li Daozi, Qu Yang and Luo Shiba were in their time. One hundred years later, when Zuo Dao came out, who could compete with him? But in this hundred years, it’s amazingIn the era of covering the ground, what kind of impassioned elegy are there in this? What I am writing is not a biography of Chen Erdan, but a story of an era and those great masters who lived in this era. Miao Wugu, Nine Tailed white fox, Zou Yindun, reincarnation, WanliHuangshan dragon boa and ghosts travel at night Black handed twin cities and his seven little friends will tell you how Chen Laomo was made!

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