Taohuajing in the last days

Title:Taohuajing in the last days

Author:The softness of fingertips

Description:When the end of the world comes, water and soil are polluted, and human beings are preyed on by zombies. The noble people are no longer noble, and the humble people are no longer humble. The world is shuffled again. Only the strong are the masters of the end of the world. She is weak, kind-hearted, but lucky to stimulate the rare space power, which caused countless people’s calculation and snatch. All kinds of peopleCome to her with all kinds of purposes, let her into danger every time, she still does not change her original intention, do everything to help those who need help. Those who calculated her, who robbed her, were not conquered by her, but were defeated by her strong appearance and weak heart,Finally, she used her space to open up a paradise for human beings, and let the endangered human beings move towards a new era. If you think “the peach blossom well of the last time” is not bad

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