Tang dream of entrepreneurship

Title:Tang dream of entrepreneurship

Author:After 91, a Liang

Description:In love, he used to spend a lot of time in the flowers and plants, but he also spent a lot of time in the shopping mall. He set up his first bank for nothing. On the battlefield, he only played red police and anti-terrorism, but he could fight back the bandits. On the liquor market, he never only drank Erguotou, and he was even more powerful than othersAlthough he has no official position, he has won the favor of the emperor. He swindles powerful officials in the workplace. As a young man with five virtues in the 21st century, he can express his identity as the godfather of the world incisively and vividly. She is a noble and gentle princess, a talented woman in the scholarly world, a well-informed official woman, and a business tycoonKim Whether it’s Royal sister or Lori, whether it’s princess or witch, it’s all around him.

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