Tang brick

Title:Tang brick

Author:Lonely and 2

Description:Lin always thinks that he is a super homesick person. Even if he puts himself on Mars, he will kidnap Martians and ask them to send him to earth. Now I’m in trouble. How can I go back to 2100 A.D. from the second year of Zhenguan? The whole Tang Dynasty is a huge pit, Li Er pit him, Li Chengqian pit him, become a goblinPit him, ox devil pit him, even a generation of empress also pit him. There are no good people in the Tang Dynasty! There are still days to live. There is a white haired grandmother to be filial, and eight younger sisters to be dowry. As a senior nobleman, Lin feels that Yali mountain is big. If you think Tang brick is good, please don’t forget itRecommend to your QQ group and friends in Weibo!

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