Taichu warlord

Title:Taichu warlord

Author:Boiled peanuts in warm wine

Description:In the future world, the potential of human body will be improved like an explosion, and the old Wudao will radiate a new life. Ordinary teenagers accidentally swallow the mysterious cyclone, and then enter the road of genius, casting the Taichu battle style and achieving the peak myth This era is the era of blood and fire. The claws of skystorm can tear tenacityThe collision of the jungle demon ape is enough to crush the powerful steel base; the terrible deep-sea beast, with one breath, can form a storm sweeping the ship group A miscellaneous fish student in the martial arts class of grade three in senior high school dreams of becoming a great hero who swings all kinds of animals in the world and steps into the vast starry sky The story of Taichu God of warThis is where we start.

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