Survival movie world

Title:Survival movie world

Author:Shadow Warrior

Description:There is a kind of super intelligent creatures unknown to human beings in the universe. They call themselves gods and assign cosmic police to manage the infinite universe! The aging of the beautiful planet Earth has attracted their attention. After on-the-spot investigation, the cosmic police believe that human beings are selfish, arrogant and ignorant creatures, which will be destroyed sooner or laterDestroy the earth! It must be eliminated! God recently fell in love with the movies on earth. He thinks that most human beings should be as great, strong, tolerant and full of love as in the movies! So, in order to test the authenticity, God came up with a way! Put real human beings in the world of movies to test themReal human nature! To decide whether or not to wipe out human beings on earth! Wang Jiahui, a student who likes to watch movies, and Yan Pengfei, a student who likes to play games, won the lottery and entered the electronic industry

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