Survival in the wild

Title:Survival in the wild

Author:Pure as I am

Description:Now, Lilan has a general idea of what kind of enemy he needs to face next They are able to support guns weighing more than 100kg with one hand and ignore any reaction force when shooting. They have some connection with the warships under them, so they are not fighting alone – their enemy is the least generalFaced with a person and a ship, they have a high degree of immortality. Specifically, the brain can recover in 4.7 seconds after being carbonized by high temperature. For them, there is no so-called weakness, and even breaking them to pieces can not completely solve them – unless you can destroy the ship humanely. To sum up:They have great power, they are numerous and powerful, they can’t fight and they can’t smash! They are the world’s favorite – they are the real protagonists! “Can this be played?”

Author: miven

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