Survival game island in different dimensions

Title:Survival game island in different dimensions

Author:Biting the dolphin with rope

Description:Across the boundary between the three-dimensional and the two-dimensional, so many people are familiar with the animation role actually appeared! Saber, yasna, Chitong, Shixiang, Yuban Meiqin, lihuazo, Fansan Should you be excited or excited when you collide with a binary character? However, this is a city with only the strong and the wiseTo survive the game island Shuttling through the different dimensional world and the cruel killing, there is only one belief left for Zhang Zhui, that is to strive to live! PS: I’ve made a brief introduction to sword and Angel Beats! „ÄčThe next world, the big battle of dating PS2: the protagonist owns NiangAbility, but still a man. PS3: in the initial stage of new books, seeking collection and tickets

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