Author:Radish rabbit

Description:Wang Yincheng was forced to repay his ex boyfriend’s debt six years ago and gave birth to a baby for someone else. Six years later, when he was flying to H city for a job: / / / longtengx. By accident, he met his ex boyfriend at the airport. Now, the man not only lives in beautiful scenery, but also has a rich and handsome general managerCut your boyfriend. However, what Wang Yincheng didn’t expect was that his six-year-old son, who was indifferent to the president, had seven points like himself: / / / longtengx. In a word, this is a story: baozi goes to his father and president to fall in love with his surrogate husband and abuse his ex boyfriend There are some steamed buns in the story of dog’s blood, but there are none for the time beingThe plot of having a child (because one has already been born) is: / /. Longtengx Of: / /. Longtengx

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