Supernatural ring

Title:Supernatural ring


Description:Falling from the sky and Surpassing: / / / longtengx. The ring has the ability to travel through the world one by one. The last world, the aerial world, the martial arts world and the immortal world are all in his hands. Zhao Feng feels that he is not calm. In the last world, a piece of bread, the beauty belongs to you, in the ancient world, a dozenLighter, worth thousands of gold, a piece of colored glass, as a family heirloom? Martial arts world, dragon eighteen palm, free and easy tour, Tianshan folding hand, Joyoung: //.longtengx. work, the nine Yin manual, one is my fairy world, the other is westward travel, flood shortage, seal: //.longtengx..Is this to be immortal and Saint? Tough life starts from one world to another!

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