Supernatural records of the Three Kingdoms

Title:Supernatural records of the Three Kingdoms

Author:Strive for supremacy in troubled times

Description:During the period of the Three Kingdoms, the heroes fought for supremacy, and the disasters of war were endless. Common language: there are more disasters and more demons. At the time of human survival, Guiguzi came out of the mountain again and accepted the third disciple. The preacher didn’t pass on the magic method, but taught the way to decide the world again! Seven years of art learning, learning the supreme way! Walk in the world and see through the vanity of the world. Fighting demons, bringing down ghosts, killing demons and clearing the way. Who knows, everything is false, everything is confused, who is overturning the clouds, who is whose pawn, the wheel of history rolling, what secrets are hidden in history books? Let’s see that the descendants of ghost Valley carry forward the Tao and Dharma, clean up the world and promote meNational healthy spirit, the road to climb the peak! (the original name of this book is ghost Valley world.)

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