Supernatural exploration

Title:Supernatural exploration

Author:Tanxi chant

Description:There will always be true feelings behind all the truths. However, the pace of exploring the supernatural is a game. But what if you are faced with a series of vicious, weird, dangerous and dead situations? Can you find the cry behind you? Why is there no one to sit in Fengmen village? Whose face is there beside the bed? The mortuary corpse is dead againHe Carnival The summer brings you the bitter cold. Reading in the middle of the night, all you can hear is your beating heart Friendly tips: this novel is purely fictional, but we don’t rule out the possibility of coincidence. For your safety, please don’t try the incantation and publicize the fictional content of this book, otherwiseThe author of this book is not responsible. If you like tanxiyin’s works, you can add his Sina Weibo: tanxiyin

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