Super time and space dark trading network

Title:Super time and space dark trading network

Author:Nine light years per second

Description:Interstellar hidden deep network trading system, referred to as the dark network. Dark net is not subject to any legal and moral restrictions, slaves, drugs, arms, assassinations, nuclear materials, biochemical agents, rare animals, human trials All that is not allowed by law exists in the dark net. The dark net was created by a group of the top hackers in the universeAny form of search engine, data capture model, network monitoring array, can not access the dark network. Dark net does not welcome ordinary Internet users, computer hackers, slavers, arms dealers, science maniacs, mercenaries, antisocial elements, drug suppliers, abnormal eccentric enthusiasts, killers, long-term potentialI’m with you. Han Lang landed on the dark net for the first time in the year of 275 A.D.

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