Super Space Time warfighter

Title:Super Space Time warfighter

Author:Riding a pig and cutting down trees

Description:Originally, he was an ordinary person, but when he got the universal entertainment system of gods, his fate began to change and became no longer ordinary. Ye Wen: “Wang Mo is the most proud disciple of my life.” Ye Cunxin: “Wang Mo, you can’t escape. Please go back and get married with me.” American captain Steve RoweJess: “Wang Mo is my most trusted comrade in arms, I can trust the back to him!” Iron Man Tony Stark: “what!? Wang Mo, we are best friends. You asked me to call you uncle! ” Black widow Natasha Romanov: “Wang Mo, no one can escape from the black widow”You’d better accept your fate!” About the story of Fire Phoenix, well, the author admits that it’s really a failure. If you don’t like it, you can start from the captain of the United States. It doesn’t affect…

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