Super quality Alchemist

Title:Super quality Alchemist

Author:Flying clouds

Description:Qimen dunjia 1080 games, ancient skills now, domineering! How can these Yin and evil cave burials hide in the world? How can these techniques eliminate evil and promote good? I’m not as handsome as Jing bairan, not as cool as Wu Yifan, and I’ll surpass him if I want to be cuteNo, Lu Han, even if I was put on the top of the storm by Tian Cong Da Ren, I still couldn’t be as brave as pan an. You say, why does God want me to be this Altman? After the city of shimmering, the reappearance of ghosts and gods, the great joy of heaven, and the bearers, the new works guarantee the character of the eunuch! (all settings in this book), including characters, ideas and passages, belong to another world, please don’t take it seriously!) (group number: 551900677)

Author: miven

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