Super garbage system

Title:Super garbage system

Author:Wake up from a dream

Description:Xiao Zhang, the youngest researcher of the Academy of Military Sciences, carried a “jiedibao” through the 28th century. In order to survive, but also for his ideals and aspirations, he started to catch up with a student scum, and led his friends to use a set of garbage collection system of the 28th century to step on the spy of Meidi and catch up with foreignersStar kid, beautify the global village and dominate the universe. The 28th century is the century of Chinese unification; the 28th century is the century of human beings living in garbage everywhere; the 28th century is the century of super technology and alien invasion. Want to see the style of the 28th century? Please follow Xiao Zhang to fightLet’s go. 300 copies completed

Author: miven

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