Super favorite master

Title:Super favorite master

Author:Liuxia west gate

Description:About the super favorite master: longbow and wine pot, maybe his skin armor is ordinary, but this figure makes all yuan world players stop and look up. From a little white player who is not as good as a chicken to the king of beasts hunter who stands at the peak of Yuan world. From a worthless second rate university student to a universitySomeone needs to look up to professional players. From Moli town to Xinda 6, from the wings of the sky to the shadow of death; thunder beast, mutant viper, mountain boar, dark dragon, ancient Thor A pet in his hands has become a boss like existence. “What’s the secret of success?” InterviewYe 6, who is in charge of shooting and recording, suddenly has a short breath and a pink face. “I’m just using all the other people’s Kung Fu of chatting, farting and sucking

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