Super evolution of gods and Demons

Title:Super evolution of gods and Demons

Author:Little lemon

Description:If the road of human evolution has never stopped, then how far will we go in the end Carrying the “evolutionary biological Super Brain” across the parallel world. When Wang Jingcheng step by step towards the limit of the human body, after the breakthrough, the stagnant road of evolution finally came back! Times! Go! Open! So, oneA brand new mysterious world unfolded in front of his eyes PS: 1. The author is well-known for his integrity and personality! 2. It’s the perfect end of VIP’s work “wandering Taoist”, which is called “ever smaller lemon”! 3. Collect a book and vote every day. After finishing the book, you can make itJust like the others, get achievements! 4. I haven’t thought about it yet

Author: miven

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