Super dimensional game

Title:Super dimensional game

Author:Emperor of light Kingdom

Description:The love and hatred of Yuehua, the bloody terror of escape, the emotional ethics of rizai, the mysterious exploration of ancient tomb, and the killing of Assassin I am the most evil king who kills the gods, and I am also the chosen brave one who saves the world; I am the strongest spirit standing on the top of the sky, and I also create the fantasy landI am the Lord of the demon Kingdom, the leader of all evil things, the source of the demon world and the demon man who makes evil spirits cry. I am the murderer hidden in the dark, the God of war who has killed all the Greek kings. I am the lover of the princesses of the Zhenzu family, and also Human beings are in chargeYes. I’m Luo Yuan. I speak for myself. PS: chat and fart group or that, no matter whether you are urging Geng or discipline, you can join

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