Super cultivation of immortals

Title:Super cultivation of immortals

Author:The magic of big valley

Description:Super intelligent robot from the earth, carrying a large number of mysterious technology in the future. Is this amazing technology? Is it comparable to the magic weapon of the great power of Xiuzhen?! Long Yun said: practice dregs, I can also make you become a god! Super weapon, steel coat, holographic three-dimensional cultivation platform, gene potion, nano robotSkynet, robot corps, super cosmic warrior training program. Don’t let me develop as a warrior or a practitioner! After the development, all dry die!! I said the Sun God King, you trapped me in the nine xuantianyi array, it’s useless! Chen Xingdao. Science and technology enter the world of martial arts and CultivationWith the help of Long Yun, Ke, Wu and Xiu practice together! What waves will he make in this magnificent world? Please watch this book! PS: I am a new writer

Author: miven

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