Super carrier core

Title:Super carrier core

Author:Sofia 01

Description:Jana: I’m the core of the mothership. Do you understand the core of the Mothership?! It’s not a child’s toy like an aircraft carrier, OK?! what? You ask me why I call it the core? Because I am the core level AI of the mothership! Tang Xuan: Jiana, why are you pretending again? It’s not for you to keep a low profileIs that right? Come and eat the cake! Jana: cake! Cake! Cake! (this is hard science fiction. Everything is based on science and technology, with deception as the criterion and blood as the standard. Put an end to fantasy, Xianxia and Xiaobai. This is pseudo hard science fiction.) If you think “super Mothership core”If it’s not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and microblog!

Author: miven

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