Suo Ming

Title:Suo Ming

Author:An Ruo Mo He

Description:In 1926, a villager found a scroll of sheepskin in a small village where he did not know where he was. On the scroll, the detailed addresses of the five most ferocious tombs in the legend are recorded in ancient Chinese. It is said that although these tombs are dangerous, the oil flow caused a group of tomb robbers led by Xie Shande.But in the end, it fell to a Japanese soldier. In 1947, the Japanese had long been driven out of China. Xie Shande, in his 30s, found the scraps of the scroll in a dilapidated ancient temple. When he excitedly translated the ancient prose, he thought he could find the fat Dou, but he learned from the scrollWhat’s the secret? I’m determined to block it and let it sink into the sea. In 2007, Xie Shande’s grandson unlocked a bookshelf in his room with a group of friends

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