Summon the Lord

Title:Summon the Lord

Author:Time Explorer

Description:One accidentally crossed to the continent of enros, Sulin sadly found that he had become a small long Spearman of the Griffin Federation, but there was no way out. Sulin also found that he had brought a hero and invincible Lord system! When others are struggling with how to tame the dragon, Sulin’s black dragon, golden dragonThere are so many Ghost Dragons that there is no place to put them. When others are struggling with how to expand the army, Sulin is having a headache that there is no place for the behemoth and the hydra. When others are struggling to get a piece of territory, Sulin has become the largest Lord of the Griffin Empire, with the strongest army. “WhatIs that right? Summoner’s melee ability is not strong? I don’t have a good ear. Speak up A fist will be a heaven holy land sword saint to knock dizzy, Su Lin a little doubt asked. “Jian Feng”

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