Struggle in the late Qing Dynasty

Title:Struggle in the late Qing Dynasty

Author:Count of Longshan

Description:Because of an accident, Chen yawang, a modern man, came to the Qing Dynasty in 185o and had the ability to freely travel between the Qing Dynasty in 185o and the United States in 2o15. On the one hand, the decadent and incompetent Qing government, and the imperialist powers with covetous eyes. Modern losers with special functionsChen yawang is no longer silent. With the help of golden thigh and modern science and technology, he recruited like-minded friends, rejected foreign powers and saved the nation. Finally, the Chinese nation got rid of the miserable fate of poverty and weakness and stood on the top of the world again. If you think “struggle in the late Qing Dynasty” is not bad, please don’t forget to tell youQQ group and microblog friends recommend Oh!

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