Strong manufacturing plan

Title:Strong manufacturing plan

Author:Dust and sorrow

Description:Due to the implementation of the plan of a strong man in the parallel world, an unprecedented tragedy has taken place in the human world. Blood fog, human variation, zombies vertical and horizontal; light ball down, the ability of heaven selection, the last king. Zombies, mutated animals, and even demonized creatures, the surviving human beings survive in the cracks. Who will liveCome down? What is behind the end? Where is the strong? One human, one spirit beast and one darkness, I tell you, the answer is: the strong makes plans! “I’m not a benevolent person. I don’t want to be righteous and save people when I see them. I’m not a love saint. I don’t want to see beautiful women and get excited immediately. I’m me, the survivor of the end,Plateau! “

Author: miven

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