Strange talk about corpse Road

Title:Strange talk about corpse Road

Author:Midnight willow

Description:Yizhuang is old and mysterious. In most people’s minds, it is the place where the corpses are placed. In fact, it is not. Yizhuang is similar to the ancestral hall of today’s clan. It is mostly donated by the rich, either to help the poor families of the clan, or to relieve the people in need. In other places, Yizhuang is run by the government to help the poor, the lonely and the poor.Stopping the dead is just one of its functions. This book tells the story of a man who looks at the village. Maoshanshu, Zhuoshi, luohuadongnv, Wushu, Jiangtou, gumantong and so on will take you into the mysterious world.

Author: miven

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