Strange records of new Liaozhai

Title:Strange records of new Liaozhai

Author:Love in late autumn night rain

Description:Like the Liaozhai book, strange things search record, record what you see and hear! This book is a collection of many supernatural stories! In writing a novel, people think it’s too wordy when they write too many words. On the contrary, the story is too short, but some people say why they can’t write longer. Anyway, writing is writingOut of their original intention! Forget it, the world has to talk about money. Maybe, who is willing to do a loss making business! To be honest, why do we work so hard for money? There’s no way to support your family. If you don’t have money, that’s OK! It’s the same with writing books. It’s the same with business. Only books with commercial value are acquired. aboutNo one has to work hard for the things that have no return. They have to pay for their work even though they have paid for their trouser pockets, but they can’t even give back the lowest price of mineral water

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