Strange blood

Title:Strange blood

Author:The back palace collects demons

Description:This is a beginning and an end! The quiet and peaceful days were suddenly involved in a very obscure folklore of the Qing Dynasty: / /. Longtengx. Secret. Around the owner of the tomb, / /. Longtengx. Secret, the number of people in history is the least but extremely wideSearch for. Hundreds of years of strangeness and solitude have brought back this legend with strange colors. However, when the protagonists open one clue after another, they find that it is far more shocking than they think. The ancient ancestral hall in the mountains, the strange Chen family, and the sudden sand body man, / /. LongtengxThere are hundreds of mysteries, fairy mountains, strange people and strange people coming one after another. All kinds of demons and ghosts come from the same place, but they all come from the same place

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