Storm battle area

Title:Storm battle area

Author:Long Yaochen

Description:Unexpected experiment, unprecedented crisis! The bloody picture, the killing scene! Who is right and who is wrong in the choice between good and evil? Animal blood, who lives who dies? Who can get out of the encirclement, the crisscross of emotion and rebellion, the crisscross of will and reality? A bloody empire in the sky, but behind it, there is a hidden warAmazing plot The confusion of separation and reunion, the illusion of magnificence and disorder, the unspeakable feelings, and even the ingenuity, who planned this painful and smart crisis? In the blood curtain, who is he? For whom? At dawn, he fought only for survival! Step on the road of smokeThey are on the battlefield of doomsday, just for survival Author friends group: 332940835, welcome to join us

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