Step by step in love

Title:Step by step in love

Author:Rain dyed love

Description:”Frost, I’m sorry, I have to do this!” Look at the dagger that pierces your heart. She hates it! Why, you are my best sister, but become my biggest enemy. If you want to ask, it’s too late to say it. Dagger goes deep into hate again! The pain of bone erosion! Wake up again, actually across, the more to do three small prime ministerElder sister, that sentiment is good, does not worry about food and clothing. But her situation is worse than that of a servant. She is hated by her father, bullied and framed by her sisters, and her existence is dispensable. In the face of all this, Liu Ruobing, the former third lady, swallowed her words, but after Lin Shuanger came, how could everything be reversedTurn?

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