Steal the world

Title:Steal the world

Author:Jiangshan youth

Description:According to the burial Scripture, the burials are the ones who hide and take advantage of Qi. Therefore, from ancient times to the present, most of the Longlou acupoints are built in the places where the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the Dragon veins are condensed. If these auspicious soils are buried here, the corpses will be stimulated by the Dragon Qi of the earth for many years, and some of them will still be alive even if they have been dead for thousands of years. According to Hou Han ShuSet: the end of the Han Dynasty Guanzhong chaos, there was a former Han Palace grave, palace still alive, all kinds of strange things spread in the world. The ancients advocated the style of thick burial, usually buried with a large number of treasures in the Ming Palace. As the saying goes: there is no tomb without hair in the world. In order to prevent tomb raiding, various organs will be set up in the tomb, and the tomb robbers will be killed if they are not carefulThey’ll die. However, some large tombs and ancient cities are often buried deep underground, and there is no trace on the surface. Therefore, the method of searching for dragons arises at the historic moment

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