Starship world

Title:Starship world

Author:Wen Qi

Description:In 2100 ad, human beings went through all kinds of frustrations and finally entered the universe. It was like the era of great navigation when a new continent was discovered on the earth. This period also ushered in the era of great space migration. All kinds of groups were striving to develop new spacecraft. Some of these spacecraft were like a city,Some are like an airship, but they all have a common name – starship. From then on, the universe is no longer peaceful, it is full of war, plunder or plunder, this is a world dominated by star ships. At the same time, human beings, who have realized the cruel law of the universe from their own actions, have finally realized the use of electricity a hundred years agoHow stupid it is for Bo to actively attract and contact alien civilizations, but it seems that it is too late. What is the future of human civilization like a beacon in the dark

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