Author:dark substance

Description:The star is huge, the dust is tiny, through the catastrophe, the fire of life is endless. The galaxy is vast, with thousands of stars, all ethnic groups forge ahead, who will be the king of civilization. She, the youngest genius of chihuada people in history, is like a new star bringing dazzling light to the world. He is an ordinary person in the Leifu people. He is greedy for money and afraid of death,Muddle through, until one day, from an unexpected encounter, the whole life has become crazy. She said: don’t forget, you promised to accompany me to see all the stars, not to leave halfway. He replied: as long as you are by my side, the whole world will be enemies. BooksFriends: 156958221 if you think “Xingcan” is good, please don’t forget to recommend it to your QQ group and friends on Weibo!

Author: miven

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