Starlight amusement Pirate Group

Title:Starlight amusement Pirate Group

Author:Fish in Geng Wu

Description:I want to set up a pirate group, a pirate group called starlight amusement Pirate Group! On the boat, you will see many amusement park facilities, such as Ferris wheel, haunted house, roller coaster, Circus… Well, vice captain, you are in charge of security worker: / / / longtengx. I will give you a “fake”The power of “face knight a fight”! What, your circus doesn’t appeal to the audience? Give you the ability of Naruto! The elder sister of the ghost house, how can you not control those monsters? Have you seen “the grandson of the slippery ghost”? Piggy in the snack room, do you want to turn food intake into power? “GourmetHow about “prisoner”? Who am I? I’m the young master of the guzilenis with the blood of devil: / / / longtengx! I am Xingguang youlehai

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