StarCraft of Red Alert

Title:StarCraft of Red Alert

Author:Flying shark walking lion

Description:I have read a lot of red police novels, most of which are about killing Russia and destroying Japan. And I’m going to write about fighting aliens. 65 million years ago, before a highly civilized planet was involved in the black hole in the M24 nebula of the central constellation Sagittarius galaxy, 80000 light-years away from the earth, the highest civilization of the planet was condensed into oneAt the other end of the wormhole is the solar system. This huge energy fell on the earth, causing the disaster of the late Cretaceous, resulting in the extinction of 80% of the creatures, including dinosaurs. On this day in 2001, when I was at school, I was in a high place on an unknown planet deep in the universeThe invaders have attacked the earth, and the earth’s forces are still unable to compete with the alien creatures. I got this huge energy by accident and turned it into Red Alert 2

Author: miven

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