Star wanderer

Title:Star wanderer

Author:Practice and fight Yuming

Description:Everything has happened, and nothing will happen again! Do you know? In order that nothing will happen again, I can only watch you leave silently… Within the framework of the universe, the solar system, a small galaxy, is about to move to a meteorite cluster in the Milky way. When a technological genius was 15 years old, he had already unintentionally plannedThis paper calculates what will happen to the earth in 10 years’ time, gathers global resources and makes silent preparations for many years, so that a small number of elites can get the chance to escape from the impending destruction of the parent planet. In order to master the first-hand meteorite information, my ex girlfriend’s stubborn, genius almost zero naive EQ, accompanied by the precursor meteorite accidentThe exovirus, all of which make the genius’s own evacuation plan difficult and dangerous. It is accelerated by the star’s gravity to leave, the hole at the moment when the star is destroyed, the sinister and alien star sky

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