Star Wall

Title:Star Wall

Author:Young master Muzi

Description:”In 2536, scientists discovered the first Stargate in human history, which opened the era of interstellar exploration. In 2672, a second gate was found 100000 kilometers away from Ganymede, leading to a rich sub universe, which is called shenjun-2 sub universe. In 2864, it leads to the second house of Shenjun 2Zexingmen collapsed for unknown reasons, trapping 17 billion people. In 2900, the provisional Council of shenjuan-2 sub universe confirmed that the star gate could not be opened by any known means, and the provisional Council was officially renamed as Shenyi Council. In 2900, it was designated as the first year of Shenyi calendar, and shenjuan-2 sub universe was officially renamed as Shenyi CouncilGod left the universe. Dr. Shang and Dr. Jackson (the origin of God’s adherents) (1536)

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