Star sense

Title:Star sense

Author:Qiqiu mountain

Description:The earth’s ears, the sky’s eyes, the world’s astonishment, and the blessings and misfortunes of the valley. Tianmen Huagai soothes the cold blood. It must be the eternal name of heaven and earth. He is an unknown student from an ordinary planet. He was accidentally crossed into a strange interstellar space. With the appearance of chance, he was sent to a higher-level star, where more advanced stars appeared one after anotherWhat strange and strange ethnic groups, how will he protect himself under the disputes of various ethnic groups with powerful super powers? The crisis that is about to happen between the two stars will affect the fate of the whole galaxy. Who can save this fantastic star beyond civilization? What secret is hidden in his appearance… Star sense–When the sea of stars is vast, doubts begin to exist. It is mentioned in the article that

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